Monday, September 10, 2007

Vergel Meneses

MVP Year(s): 1995 (Sunkist)
College: Jose Rizal College


Everybody was shocked when he lost to best friend Bong Raverna in the race for the Rookie of the year award in 1992. But everybody understood why. Ravena's team then, San Miguel, had a lot more success than Meneses Presto. But instead of allowing his morale to sag, Meneses continued his meteoric rise and eventually won the MVP award in 1995.

A high leaper blessed with a deft shooting touch, a dozen post moves and an eye for the open man, Meneses has been describe by coaches like Ron Jacobs as the most talented player ever to play in the PBA. His career was rocked with several controversies, the last of which split his partnership with the Conception franchise. But whether he was playing the role of Pop Cola's disgruntled superstar or Barangay Ginebra's resident hero, Meneses is a joy to behold.

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