Monday, September 10, 2007

Robert Jaworski

MVP Year(s): 1978 (Toyota)
College: University of the East


Nowhere in this part of globe has a man been adored the way Robert Salazar Jaworski has. Although loved and hated in an equal mix, those whose loyalty was firmly rooted in the Big J never wavered in their support, even when time and age had eroded what had been one of the most dynamic skills in the game. Ruggedness was his calling card and his volcanic temper was his signature.

But when it came to dealing with the masses and dwelling among his minions, nobody exuded more charisma than Jaworski did. Oftentimes in his prime, his public appeal overshadowed his talent. But he definitely could play. Amidst all those jutted elbows and stuck-out legs was the talent to shoot the ball and pass it with enough savvy to stupendify an entire audience. His popularity later translated into a Senate seat.

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