Friday, September 7, 2007

Ato Agustin

MVP Year(s): 1992 (San Miguel)
College: Lyceum of the Philippines


When San Miguel took him in 1989, very few expected Ato Agustin to pierce the elite circle of MVP winners, especially since he was plucked from the draft by a San Miguel team that did not really have any job vacancies. But one by one, the beermen´s stalwarts aged or fell prey to injuries and by 1992, Agustin was thrust into the limelight. The Pampangas cager responded with aplomb, using his shooting skills and one-on-one moves to help San Miguel annex the All-Filipino crown.

He spent a couple more seasons with the Beermen before transferring to several PBA teams. He played one season in the rival Metropolitan Basketball Association but came back last year with Sta. Lucia. Unprotected by the Realtors in the dispersal draft this year, Agustin was picked by Red Bull to be its captain during its formative years.


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