Sunday, September 9, 2007

Allan Caidic

MVP Year(s): 1990 (Presto)
College: University of the East
ROY: 1987 (Great Taste)


The 6-2 former national team standout will go down as the cager with the deadliest pair of shooting hands ever. His accuracy from the perimeter, especially from beyond the arc, was a story told and retold in the same hushed and awed tone that one would use in narrating myths. But everything about him from his legendary shooting touch to his undying desire to always win was true.

He started his career with Great Taste before making a move to San Miguel Beer. He owns the record for the most triples and the highest score by a local in one game. It is not farfetched to believe that those scoring records will weather the trials of time and it will take ages before anybody like him torches the nets of the PBA hardcourts again.

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